Copied some E-mails

Thank you for your black sand

Thank you for tonkatu delicious.
I must call Hok one of those days.
She is probably in US now.
I'm currently tired and little nervous.Sorry.
Too hot for me,Calfolnia adventure is.
It is a damage of funy adventure.
It all,probably,from agglesive mind,,,no problem!
I larn something every day.

My English in not great.
My brain is like a finished gum upon the earth.
I must call a korean painter woman who probably saying introduce myself to another gallery in San Fransisco.
I can't speak English.
Too nervous ,,God,,,uh!

China living need so many shots,I didn't know that.
what is shot?
I spend about 1 our a day in internet cafe.
2 ours for $ 8 prepaid card.
I'm norvous now because I must call a korean woman painting artist in English.
My English is not great.
She is a Yri's friend.
Mr. agomi told me that she will introduce and recomend me to SaGallery in Sun Fransisco.
It is probably that the gallery may be treat my self as a artist and put my art works in thier gallery for sale.
I don't know how to talk her by my English.

by wasurerare | 2009-11-11 11:56 | Ikoi_Girl__憩娘
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