You droped me at a different st.

but it cause,I could go the gallery Sandrew(?)soon.

I went to a movie theater to watch 12 Monkeies,

by walking on not safty way from Normandie to Fair fax,after net serfing.
On the way,Bivery BL, I found some things nice.

Larcmond(?)is a cool street,I felt that it was rich & cool erea.I like their sence with some high pride.

The theater is Bivery & Fairefax.I had a chinese food-Subuta & fried rice,with rolled egg in a cool store on Fair fox near theater,It was good restrant not so expensive,not too cheep taste.

The street have some cool store.Pizza slice ber,24 hr Dericatesen etc. I saw hip-hop cool people there.I wanna go again with more money to drink.It seems not so denger erea.

The movie started at 12:00 midnight.

It probably special event for Chirstmas,before starting movie,a person apeard,he seems planner,he speached with joke like a comedian or actor,the audiens laughed and shouted to him something as a canversasion-they all were excited and they were so close each other.-very interesting and fresh.

The movie,good movie.You should watch.

I can be pluged in the world of the story.

Because the location probably C.A I know It seems having downtown old hotels,and it is all same that It is difficult to listen and understand English in both the worlds,movie one and real one at LA For me,and I like the derector always since I was a child.I knew him at Moty Paison.

He have also Jony Depp movie.the story is arround flower movement LA.Japanese tltle was"Las Vegas wo yattukero."

by wasurerare | 2009-11-15 14:26 | Ikoi_Girl__憩娘
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