all night long

MUKETA..kigasuru dake...

Tokorode,DADA to Horror no kankei wa do omoimasuka?

DADA to YU-REI-GA no kankei wo toraeru to omosiroi node ha.

I don't know your phone N.O.!
Teach me please.I'm going to the island tomorrow.
Let's sing Shimauta near future.

Don't angly,Sorry,Evan,I had mistaked on the way some transfar change bus railway,metros,and waitng for metros.I have arrived the bar,over 11:30.and I arrived this morning 6:00.I didn't know in sutarday midnight,no bus go near my home Wilshire & La Brea from down town .I went to from down town to Santa Monica by a bus,and I went from S monica to near my home by another bus.
Totaly,I spend 4 hours for waiting for bus in a midnight too cold.I have only 2 shirts then.
Let's drink again!
I'll go back to Japan Dec 14th.

Mr.Sawada kara NO-RI-P ,Hotei-CG,Hotei-Portlait drowing , jpeg okurarete kita.
yu-mo-a to akui wo kanjimasu.
kesa,Sho-nen Chanpion 47go kaimasita.
Pikuru vs Baki,kechakku sita yo-desu.
kenka no ato ha yu-jo!
Urayasu-tekkinkazoku saiko desu.
2hon-da-te no,black jack neta, kan-do-sita.

Baburu na Hairegu .吸う->suck it! nande yasai nanda!

hi,good mornig ,sunday.

Nov. 21st(sat.),You will pick up from down town L.A.
around 1pm...........OK

Excellent red wine?
it seems very good and expensive.

-------Last night is Again-------
Yesterday,midnight, I went to little Tokyo
, to go a my friend's proposal,
drinking together in a bar.
The friend,Evan-she is a U.S. person
,who have a cos-play store near Little Tokyo
,and had a store in the expo of Hilton Lax.
She had the calling me at 9:00 o'clock night.
I recieved this calling at the internet cafe at Normandie
,I said to her at this moment"I will go now"
,and I started going from the cafe to Little Tokyo
, at 10:00
when I arrived the bar,
I couldn"t find her there ,it was,around 11:30.
I had mistakes
,failed in transfer-metro change
,I was going to use "gold line"rail way metro
, from Union station to Little Tokyo
but the day the train start running on the line to Little tokyo is today,
when I noticed,I was in plat home of Chaina town station with confuse,
and it was out of my considering that it spend much longer time waiting for metro.
I arrived the bar and had alcohole alone in the bar,then another friend came there.
She,Ericka-Chikano painter, living around my apartment.
She told me that she take me home.
when I noticed,she disapeard.
she was called by another friend,and she was runing away.
"must go home alone,by my self"
It was around 2:00 midnight then.
It is hard for having nocar toulist like me.
I went main st Down Town from 1st to 5th by walking alone again.
The stars in the mid night sky was graceful,adventure exciting,but.....
The rapid metro bus did not come to the bus stop I use often.
I don't know the reason.
I waited for the bus over 2 hours,looking stair art-deco buildings ,because I don't know other choice then.
I noticed,there were many Hipies around the bus stop.
They were looking for cigeret on the ground"SIKEMOKU",and shareing something,
It was probably drag.Some young parsons looks normal came and buy something from them.
Bus don't come such a crazy position&time,having hipies and leaning on ground homeles circle.
some means" finished"
Dicided to cahnge bus stop and line,to find a way to home .
It was around 3:30
I could catch another bus N.O.4 .
N.O 4 runs Santa Monica Bl Down Town to Santa Monica.
Strong fat negro female bus driver picked up me near the finished bus stop's corner.
After few munits,reached last stop station in Down Town ghetto.I had mistake failing in choising lane again.
I wait for again.
The next bus was same turned driver,and pay, her again.
I thought no bus Santa Monica Bl to Wilshire then.they also finished.
I went to Santa Monica with many tired negros looks poor, living around ghetto.
We were sleeping in the bus.
N.O 4 is good for sleep,going on no bamp,good road.
We reached last stop Santa Monica and the driver put sleeping us out and go away.
I don't know where people without me go.
I waited for bus S Monica to Wilshire & La Brea.It was too cold,I had 2 shirts then.
I walked again to find warm place like a caffe,That was all closed or not ready.
It was around 4:30.
I reached a bus stop wilshire & 4th city S Monica to go home,then a lady looks little rich drinking cofee,siting by the bus stop.
I was looking for cofee shop she bought it around there.
When I noticed,she disapeard.and from the distance, I saw a bus leavs.
I used the next bus 5:30.the star was beatiful.but too cold.
when waiting bus,old chinese man came and stand behind of me.
I could go home town.
I had break fast starbacks piken place rost cofee,sandwich sitting soffer chair in the warm store.
I was glad to find cofee open.vibing like using strong dril being rolled so cold air.
Complexed my bodies was made to softer and warmer and recover.
People in start having nice day in Star backs looks good and chirful.
Rossian lady wear cool green jacket,next my seat,looks beautiful and fresh.looks so flex.
I wanna be flex too.
Today,I am going to buy 1day metro free ticket,and dictionary
and buy nice warm & right jacket,use more money.
Tomorrow,will go San Catelina island.

by wasurerare | 2009-11-16 05:34 | Ikoi_Girl__憩娘
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