Katati situkann,daiji
balance ya situkan ni kodawatta houga,
katatini kodawatta toki yori,ii katatiga deru kigasuru,
katatiha,tuitekurumono,to kizuita.chaos tekini,kino-bi ha chaos ni yorumono.
sakka rasii naya mi ga betuni, yatto mietekisou.na kyo konogoro.

Hello Mr.

I'm in Normandie now.
I succesed all yester day,parfect,on your help.
I have gift for you what I got in patagnia store.
see you in near future.
I'll go to the island from now.

...tell me date where I can visit your studio please.


It's coldin this a few days night -early morning.
wow,sick?,recovered ?
Are you all-right
,fine now?
I 'm going to take care,,,.
I 'm going to the island today.

"excuse,me,I do't have you-r pho-ne number."

And ,
I wanna go Mexico in my stay
, if that is easy.
If you can help my visiting Mexico, it's lucky.

How place do you have where you wanna take me recentry?
Huge parks,big nature?
Could you tell me your plans?

...and, your phone number.

Be fine soon,please,Erick!

I'm in Normandeie.After this mail chacking,I go rail line to long beach.

Mickey-Crazy-warming-place- flower-movement land,is next Friday.
bi n bo u ga , i i wa ke ni na ra na i yo u ni ga n ba ri ma su.
kyo u ka ra Venice erea de ka tta patagonia wo ki te i ru no de , bo u ka ni o so wa re ru ka ku ri tu ga kyu - jo - sho.
Kill the problems.
by wasurerare | 2009-11-17 01:20 | Ikoi_Girl__憩娘
Tomoaki Shibata, Artist from Japan is owner of this home page since 2006.Tomoaki runs own 2 home page. Another is main act. This act: news&blog Another:main.. http://wasurerare.jimdo.com/
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