i went to Avalonhttp://skinclubla.com/

avalon very good.
Do you know 'AVALON'movie.derector is Mamoru Osii,anime.
I don't have watch it.
after visit there now,the movies looks joyfull.
For me their stons and water,
nomaly things is good there.
Feeling have history,stone city.
location like a Nagasaki.smallar.
extrriemly beautiful.
the views,i felt dejabu
,it similar pictures,patagonia's catalogue's.
I bought patagonia wear, earlier by 1day
,in venice Area ,facing main st
, and find patagonia store there too.
I want to go the place named Patagonia.
and read fiction named 'Patagonia'by Blues Chadwin.
Pata means,big feet,Gonia means,big hands.
Old times,People living the place specialised body caractor,having big hand and big foot,
Someone native did teach Spanish naiming person when asked.
I used rental-cycle.go through beachs and corners behind street.
wild cats,children,seleb people,chinese restrant,
they are Avalon-nized.today's fortune cookie'your enthusiasm inspires people.'
I think currently that ,it's mysteric,this L.A days was,told to me by a unkown man.
I had last Febrary,1 years ago,solo show in my home town city Kunitachi,Tokyo.
In the gallery the unkown told me plans in C.A.
In the time,i didn't know Yasunari,
I didn't have thought about this stay at all.
.and I was too poor and tired,so nervous,because,
closely before he caming,a unknown old looks phico-lady fourtune-teller hell,
came and said my negative feature.
He was,just,unknown,guest living around there,but he tried to give me a power,and told me my success story including L.A.
I probably,heard about L.A Louber gallery in the story.
The story have other place,Catailina,too,probably,I feel.
So,there were,about Santafe too,
So I have a interest in going Santafe,too.
because i may have relation there, a pair of the exchange show artists live there.
And ,do you know a Desney's katoon school?
He also said about it
,it seems around L.A.
He said that I should visit around that area.
In Santafe,Sony have a huge art prize?
Champ's art to be CD jucket of some music Sony's.
He said that I should try the prize.
I 'll try tyo plug in to La louber,believing positive cases.

by wasurerare | 2009-11-17 16:47 | Ikoi_Girl__憩娘
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