Sandla kara henji ki masita zan nen!
It's may be Dec.I don't know which date.

hisasi buri ni net cafe desu.

Jackson Maikeru o ha ka o ne ga i ! o ha na so na e ma su.

ki nou ha `Regency Theatre` ni mata iki masita fairfax de su.
'Anti Chiristo' wo mi ma sita .
ya ppa ri , my favorite movie theatre !
daytime-any movie-$5-
`Lars Von Torior`-dececrtor- 'Dancer In the Dark' 's new movie.
It's a ,maybe, remake Andley Tarkofsky movie.

Vegas or new york or grand canyon ,,kokoro nokori desu ga ,yappari
Lars's movie is` more-better 'for me ,,desu!

mi owatta white lady ga , su ku mu ,ho do no ,ai ka wa ra zu-de sita .

so si te ,fairfax,
$10 de shose ka i masita.`Diesel' 's.
It's a good cool used cloth store.
If I can extend this stay ,I wanna get a bike there.

At fairfax, I went to Oki-Dogs hotdog-restrant.
Owner VS Staff fighting was happend and stand by me.
It's maybe fireing and anti fire-ing wars.
I could hear ' fuck fuck fuck' native speakers.

I recommending around the area,
For next art core exchange event Japanease artist,
I found looks good INN,Banana Bangalow,it looks interesting.

The area remain old stile life stile.
It's like not a american's only stile,
It is ,I could see in Japan 20 years ago,
coin-game machine and cheep ,small ,simple shop.

similar to the image 'Goonies' movie almost 20 years ago.

by wasurerare | 2009-12-01 07:25 | Ikoi_Girl__憩娘
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