shiphip hop

Wow I need make another cd again.
It must be specialized for Ace.

This moning,I went to the Ace.
we need $60 admission fee there.
And I 'm finding now Ace website and how to pay it.
They may have some form.
Now, Ace exhibition,nice.
It's one of most high art I saw in LA
Last night, I drunk in a bar,Little Tokyo.
I met some interesting old Japanease Fighters.
Boxing manager and Karate man,
The maneger is Kameda's adviser in Los Angels,and champion maker,old friend of Lidea.
And He knocked out Wajima when he was young hungry boxer.
Karateman and he gave hitting punch each other.
They both are older than 70 years old.
Now,a world champion young boxer stay his gym.
We will have lunch together tomorrow.
I 'll go to Forest lawn now.

by wasurerare | 2009-12-03 05:30 | Ikoi_Girl__憩娘
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