Hellokellothanks Kaoru.

kokowa kyo mo Hen Tai takusan.
who is he!?
that's New face HENTAI !
also today,,,They are fighting now the seats over there.....in this store.
kenka si te ru na ra ka e re ba ii no ni,teki do u si no kai wa ga na ga i,,,
I'm editing CD in net cafe the Normandie you know in this hip hop like situation.

I reached glandale the college I went with you.
But I became want to paint and I truned to go home.
Totaly I didn't go to Forest Lown today.
But the Metrro line is difficult and strange.
In the way home,
it was sleepy ride take me happening.
On no my opinion,The bus took me chaina town bus stop,
There is rearly facing Cang Kin Av.
I went to Sbina Le gllery, and gave my CD to Sina there.
I don't know why other Chankn'gallerys were closed.
It's no other choice in the Chankn avenue Art Gallery complex .
Saina was alone.I'm wondering she feel scare?
Did you go Sabia current show?
Antieque chairs parts instaration.
when I into the gallry,I couldn't find her.
When I'm walking in gallery she said hello from upstair.
Sabina remember me and that I went this show's reception.
Then there were geoff and King and Joe wa.
They Introduce me to Sabia the night.
She accepted my CD,saying sure.
And I got bus chaina town to around MOCA.
There are Bus 14 214 stop I can go straight Bivery bv.
I needed art supply or canbas,and to go the Blick Art store.
I forgot the bus was rapid. I passed La Brea and go fairfax.
I walked back to the store.
The way have some interests.
After bought canbas,I walked around there,and into a cafe on Bivery st,
I had 2 shot espresso and advanced the editting CD using cafe's PC.
I though then,it may be mostly conplete for the admittion,Without paying.
kokode Kaoru san ni Tell simasita.

dewa kin yo.

by wasurerare | 2009-12-03 15:53 | Ikoi_Girl__憩娘
Tomoaki Shibata, Artist from Japan is owner of this home page since 2006.Tomoaki runs own 2 home page. Another is main act. This act: news&blog Another:main.. http://wasurerare.jimdo.com/
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