I have a question.
Can you make English text almost same contents of my you tube speach .
I will use it for some uses.
For example,one is for artist statement.
I want to give again brushed up CD ,to LA luer and Sabna's.
And, I 'll giving it somebodys at some partys in La.
I can have more natulaly comunication in English than early times of this 90 days stay now.

speach you tube

I went to little tokyo.and meet the Champion boxer after looking the both of Art Cre's interesting shows,today.
Boxer was as tall as me.and almost same age.Looks Rikiisi(ashita no jo) .
He has a match Dec29th in Osaka.
We shaked hands and promised to go to his practis at their gym next tuesday.

The day has little heavy plan.
After looking and drawing his practis from morning 10:00
,I go Planey's studio,and My American frendly girl have my ticket and will pick up me and take me to a Techno party 10:30 late night.

Next Sunday I should go a pair of Art ore receptions.
First,I go to Brewly's at 1:00
and I have promiss with the Karate man to have tea time in Little Tokyo,
and go Union's.

the Techno party's DJ mr.Aoki
by wasurerare | 2009-12-04 10:55 | Ikoi_Girl__憩娘
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