Ok.it's pleasure.
How about 10th?
"3 o'clock"is prefer.
or I'm in down town now.
Should you see today?

I'll go back to Japan 15th DEC.
OK,I agree.
Please change my show date to 3月8日~3月13日の週.
I know,happenings out of my opinion always have good lucks and chances.

Please teach me it and,some recommend places in LA,if you can.
I have few days before leave to japan.
Japanese weather looks cold.
I'm looking forward to see you soon,bye-bye.
Good regard.

Thank you for helping.
I saw Binnie and Mike,in reception Art Core yesterday.good timing.
I gave CD them and some art core regulars.
And the Japanese old karate man forgot me at appointment place Susi store.
And I went to pole dance_gentle man's club in Culver City after going little Tokyo show.
The dancer girl's flavor is remained on my jacket surface now.
I'm feeling so good now causing is it.
I came bask to home by walking from there.
It's 1 hours.
Culver city is near.

The Egyptian plate,anywhere fine.everybody ask me about it.
'....what is this!?'people said.
It make me talk easy to somebody.to the dancer girls too.
It make it very friendly and feel close each other.
'You,cute.'Dancer said.
I went just now to down town to see store I always use to finding cloth fabrics,I bought the Egyptian plate.
I bought some gift for friends in japan.
He the store's owner was boys love-homo person too.
I found some cool shoes store,but I think I should save money now.
by wasurerare | 2009-12-08 11:55 | Ikoi_Girl__憩娘
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