Today,we will have drinking in Shinjyuku.
It`s meeting of group show in Los Angeles members we had last september.
Tomorrow early morning to night,I have art painting and setting within rock event,Koenji.
I have to buy tools for the event.canvas and colors this daytime.
And,for tonight drinking,I have to make information to probide.
This time is first time to go Shinjyuku my love city after I came back to Japan.
I want to spend long time walking or cafe Shinjyuku before Drink.
I must buy enpty CDs in Tachikawa for the info this morning.
I must edit my info now.
The Info have pitures of America.
I must bring Koenji tools to shinjyuku.
Because I probably can`t go home tonight.

Yesterday evning I watched a T.V show.
It`s tale of this year.
They show this year`s news and happenings.
Realy many important things happend.
Obama,Michel.Misawa,Changing Goverment,NoriP.Oshio Drug,,,
They are pubric news.
I also have many dramatic indivisual news.
L.A trip and many more.
Indivisual happenings are difficult to explain.
But,I can remain those results and wells.
I should go with them.

by wasurerare | 2009-12-19 06:46 | Ikoi_Girl__憩娘
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