May 30th updated

May 30th updated here.Check it up. i wish you read my generally current activity info here. Check it. I wish you come to my events and exhibitions.
"The Twonpyohn last news so on time"

5月30日、解凍完了しました。電話通じます。_*携帯凍結中につきメールで連絡お願いします。解凍に努めます。wasurerare@live.jpまで。20日は知人の搬入に浅草橋のギャラリー、22日にも行く予定です。Sorry Ur waiting for me,the Cell was recovered yesterday, and now it is fine. My cell has been stopped since few days ago. I`m sorry. Please catch me up by E-mailing when you want.

First priority info today
*Recommend info
_* Click for more info,,応募…本島アーティストレジデンス_食とアートのプロジェクト/「アーティストイン塩飽本島~晴れに耕す、そしてアート」参加決定しました。You should visit there and enjoy when I am there as artist.(May 30th) I won Honjima Artist Residency submition_I`ll live there July and August/I met a hand made paper artist in my home town today daytime. I was gave correct my plan making paper by him then.and I made sense of how to success this mission.(may 16th)
I`ll make bamboo paper project there. Today, I had first step. Friends and me did cut bamboos and boiled it together to study making it for the project. Yesterday I ask handmade paper shop in my hometown how to make,(May 15th)
It is not full win. but not all lose. Its decided that I go Honjima. but I can not be given full financial suport. I`ll do my best in making my art and bamboo paper there. (May 14th)
I`m back from the Honjima artist submition test. I`ll know lucky or not tomorrow or next tomorrow about the result. (May 5th)

The others
_ビエンナーレうしく2010I lost.(May 30th)…"Biannale Ushiku" is one of competition of fine paintings in Japan. I `m challengeing it now. The dead line is early May. I must start painting earlyer.I finished bringing my picture there yesterday.

_海外レジデンス探し…行為中,今のところ成果なし。I need more comfortable condition for my art activity. It`s difficult for me to satisfy with current my condition. I want to go artist in Residency program very well. Some possibility for my growing up to bigger and stronger artist is there, I think. I have not been any residense program yet. I`m trying.

_ホームページ工事…行為中 I`m trying make this site more comfortable home page which you and me use for relationship participating actively in our art activity.

_トーキョーワンダーウォール2010I lost (May 30th)waiting the result win or lose.175x85(cm)mixed media

「墨の新しい可能性」_ アートスペース羅針盤…企画グループ展参加,会期 Finished.(may 30)April19th(mon)/24th(sat),,, open11:30~close19:00(Fri..~close21:00,, Sat..~close17:00)Map展示 終わりました!私、柴田はこの展示出品してます。 finished I`m joining a group show,"Atarasi Sumi No Kanousei"up coming. Young Japanese painting artists made many peaces having relation with water and ink from japanese national traditional technic. You can see strong cuting edge important fine hot Oriental works there. On going now. We have artist reception in monday.

_acac The Regidency in Aomori in North Japan.Submition, The first dead line is May 28th. I`ll try it.

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