painful dead painted contra boob...

Waked up in my studio about 7:00. I want to something to eat. I know I have bread I bought last night by 100 yen. So, I am considering I should go to any store to get cheap acrylic paint. This my idea for art by emotion natural is gotten last midnight. Stores will open at 8:00 or later than 8:00. I should wait for more 30 min. I was chating for long time with friend till late.

Now, I am in front of my constructing painting. I feel sad because I felt something let me got unfortunate my spoiled style of working in art by my some damage.

This past few month I was like a slave to meaning less situation by some part time job and poor studio. The job was busy enough to make me tired and brain washed and the studio was huge place but I could use very tiny area.

That all is washing important artist's character. I am angry to the office and studio. Harassment, wasn't it?

If someone tells me it is bud thinking and you should have responsibility on your behave, I hate the message. I think such the parson is brain washed men already. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Such is not responsibility. And harmful character of stereo typed Japanese I don't like.

OK, it's 8:30 o'clock plus few min. Timed up. I will go out to find store near studio, eating bread dipped chocolate.
But at first I paint little.


Stores closed. I must try art with material I already have. Today is warm.
Downstairs, I bought and drink a yogurt drink ¥100-

Now, I am waiting for new part time job time 15:00- being roled with blanket.

I have gotten a idea just now. It is making my studio any store. It sounds nice and funny. But no idea how store is prefer.

Going to sleep a minute.

The guidance have past.
Now I am studying about new office in Mos Burger since guidance finished.

It is difficult to learn new work.

I decided now that I name life style about work for money "Down stairs", And opposite side, "Up stairs" to be time of my life for art.

My studio is built on top of long stairs.
by wasurerare | 2013-02-13 07:39
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